Working Dimensions

The faculty members of BRDTI are usually managing the multidisciplinary training courses. Moreover, we prefer resource personals from local universities, Divisional, District and Upazila administration, development organizations and several other line departments with professional background and experience in the field of rural development and poverty reduction. As the prime departmental training institute of Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB), we have some specialized Training Modules for the new entrants of BRDB like, Upazila Rural Development Officer (URDO), Assistant Rural Development Officer (ARDO) and Junior Officers/ Accountants for their Foundation Training. Moreover, separate Modules are also used in Refreshers Training Courses of URDO/ARDO & Junior Officers/Accountants. Again, to make institution’s training more diversified BRDTI also prepare its own training modules in sectors especially on Rural Development and Poverty Reduction for the trainees of National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM), Dhaka and Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC), Savar, Dhaka. These modules are also being used for the trainees come from Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) Academy, Shahbag, Dhaka for their short courses titled Rural Development and Poverty Reduction. For maximum utilization of resources BRDTI prefers to be competitive in attracting new clienteles to avail training. Though we do not implement any development project/program at field level, rather we offer only training in a wide variety of courses concerning rural development, relevant to the development program under BRDB and other government and non-government agencies. This has opened a window of opportunity for BRDTI to be more innovative in designing and organizing training courses to attract other stakeholders.