Message from Director General BRDB




    Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Director General (Additional Secretary) Bangladesh Rural Development Board

    Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB) was originated just
    after our liberation with the name of Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) aimed to ensure food security of the country by bringing revolution in agricultural productivity and also to boost up financial solvency of the rural small and marginal farmers by organizing them into cooperative societies.

    Later in 1982 constituted into Board, besides the activities on agricultural production, BRDB expanded its working area to poverty reduction, income generation activities for the poor masses, rural leadership development, as well as women empowerment with a view to make the rural society more developed that resulted huge employment generation in rural areas both in agricultural and non-agricultural sector and thus rural people got interested in small savings and own capital formation.

    BRDB’s contribution is recognized as the pioneer rural development organization that provided rural development in Bangladesh a strong base. Notwithstanding, Bangladesh Rural Development Training Institute (BRDTI), one of the prime center of excellence of rural development in the country, has been caring more heritage and historical background as it is considered as the oldest Training Institute in rural development sector of Bangladesh. BRDTI came to existence in 1954 to train the people related to V-Aid program. It has been renamed twice, in 1959 and in 1965 as National Development Training Institute (NDTI) and Basic Democracy Training Institute (BDTI) respectively. Finally the name Bangladesh Rural Development Training Institute (BRDTI) came into being from 1992.

    BRDTI is located in Sylhet, the Eastern part of the country, about 260 kilometer form the Capital city Dhaka, covering a small area of 10.62 acres of land. But it has great greenish environmental surroundings with a complete natural establishment. Over the years BRDTI has been serving as the prolocutor of BRDB to other organizations. Many cadre and other officers, NGO workers and employees of different International Development Organizations do come BRDTI to get training and other programs and by this way they can learn about various concepts of rural development in Bangladesh.

    BRDTI has all the capability to perform leading role in human resource development, specially in rural development sector in the country. Though, we do realize that it should be needed some renovation and infrastructural development as well as manpower setup in the context of future rural development courses. We are also working towards end.

    Mohammad Abdul Qayyum