Message from Director BRDTI

    • Message from Director BRDTI


      M A Nesar Hossain Azad Director (Deputy Secretary) BRDTI, Sylhet

      The mandate of Bangladesh Rural Development Training Institute (BRDTI) is to make available information resources necessary for learning, teaching and research with regard to rural development and to provide services that can enable participants, faculties and staff to use these resources. We put needs of the Institute, client first in all matters and their satisfaction is our priority. We provide services ethically and with respect for intellectual, socioeconomic, cultural and physical diversity. The benefits of rural development efforts have not trickled down to the rural masses due to centralized planning, limited participation of the rural people in the programs of rural uplift and the feudal nature of the rural set up. Illiteracy and poor infrastructure of the rural areas along with dynastic and centralized power structure have kept the rural poor on the periphery. It is recommended that priority emphasis should be given to human resource and infrastructure development in the rural areas to ensure their participation in our national development process. BRDTI has a wide range of expertise and excellent infrastructure to train junior and mid level officials of development functionaries engaged in the field of rural development. Training programs of BRDTI is intended to create knowledge base, develop skills and infuse right attitudes and values. BRDTI is a unique place and exciting training institute. I look forward to welcoming you here.

      M A Nesar Hossain Azad

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